Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Immune System


I don't know why one is so often tempted to address an audience, particularly one that is invisible and possibly imaginary. Anyway. Hello all of you out there who are attracted by the title. I am a scientist studying the immune system, and while i may have issues with life in science and the conduct of it, not to mention the establishment, I find the immune system fascinating. So I've decided to write about it. I read a lot of papers (at least I should) published in the immunology journals of today, and often I find things that are so interesting that I just want to discuss them. So I plan to summarize, try to explain and wonder about some of the coool things I read about in immunology. Here. On this blog, coolimmunology.

I do take requests, let me know if there's something you'd like me to post about in the comments. Always, I am NOT a medical professional, these are just my personal opinions, formed by the reading of published journal papers. They are not representative of anything other than my private personal opinions. They are shaped by my background in research, and my specialties. I am not omniscient, so I do not know or understand everything.

That said, let the immunology begin!

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MinCat said...

huwwy uppppp!! :D um...fevers are the body fighting issues right? then why do they get so high you cn die? :D