Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back in Lab in Under 11 Hours

Sighs. It has been a busy couple of weeks, and I have been back in lab in under 9 hours even, the intervening time covering sleep shower and breakfast.

Now that's a good thing. It means I have things to do, it means that there are Experiments in progress. There may even be a Paper coming out of all of this in two years. Hours of endless echoing puke coloured hallways, dirty linoleum, fluorescent strip lighting, latex gloves, laminar flow hoods, the smell of FBS-it's all worth it in the end right? Who would want a squashy couch, hardwood floors, books, food and company instead?

Funnily enough, half the time I don't want the couch etc. instead. Its the postdoc Zone I guess, nothing like the prospect of experiments working to bring one back to the lab. Even though they may only be prospects at this point, a tiny possibility is better than none at all. There's something zen about the eerie echoing hallway, the lab chair fits my spine better than any couch and the world starts to be clearer under those fluorescent lights.

Its the Zone people, the Zone. Research in the zone-let's see how long it goes.

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A+ said...

Yay for the zone!!