Friday, July 20, 2007


Eeeeeee I cannot wait.
Who will live who will die?
Is Snape good?
Whither the Horcruxes...

Cannot wait. And have to finish the book tomorrow and avoid the Internet till I do finish. All those a**h*les with their spoilers. I'm also pretty annoyed with the New York Times who posted a review of the book yesterday, with the supremely self-serving justification that their reviewer found a copy at a bookstore on the street and if a book is on sale, it is fair game to be reviewed. F*@kers.


Then the discussions, which is even better!

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Amelie said...

I'm so excited too! But afraid I won't manage to read it through on the weekend, as lots of other things need to be done as well... and then on Monday I won't be able to avoid the internet with all the spoilers :o